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Programme Main theme: Facing human impacts: the challenges for society and for science. The 8 th German-Brazilian Symposium will be taking place from 02 October, until 07 October, Parallel sessions, talks, discussions, and poster sessions, and three days of guided field trips will be offered during the event s three days. Two coffee breaks and one lunch break are included, which will give room for further discussions and networking.

Martin Zimmer, University of Bremen Prof. Georg Cadisch, University of Hohenheim Prof. Guide: Prof. Carlos A. Ricardo T. Stela M. Rates, Oral Prof. Paulo Renato M. Pellegrino, USP pm Dr. Jose Rubens M. Fernanda B. Maturino S.

Nelson F. Fontoura 8 am to 8 pm Coastline and archaeological sites. Klaus P. Pedro A.

Sensacional: Mexican Street Graphics online @ Jeremyio的部落格 :: 痞客邦 ::

Rainer Radtke Oct 06 8 am to Oct 07 8 pm Elizabeth Silva. The collection includes 13 exhibits biological, archaeological and fossil -, each of which has been carefully preserved in order to keep its contents available to researchers and experts from their respective areas of expertise. Our collections make it possible for us to learn more about the Brazilian biodiversity, both of the past and of the present, as well as of the societies that inhabited the south of Brazil. Peter Hackspacher and Prof. Martin Zimmer Keynote Lecture Prof. A geological perspective in Brazil.

Keynote Lecture Prof. Peter Hackspacher, Prof. Leandro Astarita and Prof. Georg Cadisch Keynote Lecture Prof. Sustainable development and challenges to water management in the municipality of Cachoeirinha RS , Brazil Glasmacher and Prof.

Perspective from Planet Earth. Amazon basin under climate change already? Gerhard Ernst Overbeck and Dr. Marcus Giese Keynote Lecture Prof. Keynote Lecture Dr. Dominik Patzelt Keynote Lecture Prof.

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Jutta Weber Keynote Lecture Prof. Paulo Renato Mesquita Pellegrino and Dr. Bernd Eisenberg Keynote Lecture Prof. Curitiba PR -Brazil. Jose Rubens Morato Leite and Prof. Functional genetic screening and academic drug discovery to improve treatment of patients with liver disease Keynote Lecture Prof. Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto. Morro do Cruzeiro, Minas Gerais, Brasil More health program: integrating research and extension: interventions in hypertension, diabetes and cancer Stefan Laufer Keynote Lecture Prof.

An exploratory study. Ricardo Timm de Souza and Prof. Ricardo Timm de Souza Prof. Amidst the adversities of life.

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Binational Programs and Cooperation Chair: Dr. Martina Schulze Keynote Lecture Dr. The establishment of the parish of Nossa Senhora da Madre de Deus in was very important to the settlement and development of the region, which includes Rua dos Andradas, which still today is called Rua da Praia, its original name. The stories and traditions of its inhabitants have played a major role in the conception of the region s churches.

The construction works of the Metropolitan Cathedral began in , but it was only completed in the 19th century, with the design of its two towers in In the so-called Parallel 30, at the Montevideo Square, lies the Porto Alegre Municipal Hall, the official seat of the government of Porto Alegre, whose construction began in In its surroundings, lies the Talavera Fountain, a fountain donated by the Spanish community through the Spanish Society of Mutual Aid, in tribute to the th anniversary of the Farroupilha Revolution.

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  • Across from the building, lies the Public Market, whose construction works began in , as an area for trade and leisure for the population. The Center offers a wide variety of services and entertainment activities, most of which bringing history and culture together.

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    An area of primary and secondary Atlantic forests, with small patches of natural grasslands, has been chosen for the project. Despite many years of exploitation, most natural areas are well preserved. On October 5, , a special event marked the laying of the cornerstone of the headquarters, in an area overlooking the coastal areas of the South of Brazil.

    From its inauguration up to now, the research center has received more than researchers and countless students from many countries, who have developed nearly research projects in the area, some of which are still in progress. A channel, usually open during the winter, connects the lagoon to the sea. The area very attractive for water birds due to the large number of invertebrates om exposed shores. The Sambaquis can be found in coves, sandy plains dominated by beach-ridges, rocky outcrops, mangrove groves, lagoons, estuaries or large bays.

    This landscape variability is equally expressed both in the material culture and resource exploitation, which are characterized by a variety of adaptive strategies and diversity between the various cultural contexts. Klaus Peter Kristian Hilbert Peter Hackspacher 1, Prof.


    The rising awareness in Brazil of more than km of coast combined with the latest findings of giant Oil and Gas deposits seeks for a sustainable development. Germany on the other hand is using the Ocean resources and has developed research programs, such as Future Oceans, that are concerned with the sustainable use of Oceans. The talks should describe the Ocean resources, their use in human societies, and provide information on the sustainable use in the future. Sustainably in such context is understood as production of life's essentials, including water, food, and even the oxygen we breathe every day.

    The ocean helps create and regulate weather around the globe. How to discuss exploitation and manage geological raw materials in such a context? Three billion people whose livelihoods depend directly on coastal and marine eco- and geosystems. The sea's bio- and geodiversity is astounding. Some seafloor eco- and geosystems are remote and inaccessible and, on the other hand the natural resources are not inexhaustible. How to deplete the resources without affecting the weak ecosystem? Enric Sala, an ocean ecologist, said.

    This complex algorithm has to consider the : i Needs and technology in ore production and; ii Sustainable explotation. One side the advances in our technology are solving energetic oil and gas and constructions questions but introducing problems in the semiconductor and other areas. For this technology the answer come from the Rare Earths Elements REE coming from local mines in the continent, but with huge perspective in coastal and oceanic regions. Some studies estimate that the brazilian coast present huge amounts of such ore.

    How to use them? Regulation and well-managed explotation of natural resources can support the needs of all inhabitants. This can be accomplished by implementing tools such as: strict explotation areas, marine reserves and protected areas of sensitive fauna and flora. Exploitation of natural resources. The policy to be used: The sustainable development in Brazilian coastal and oceanic regions needs to be observed with a political, social and an economic focus.

    The economic use of natural resource must be related to a sustainable development policy. Focusing geological resources as: REE, raw materials for the construction, oil and gas, sulfides, manganese oxides, hydrates and others. For a rational exploration we have to consider the Needs and Sustainable Use without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own way. Sustainability has to consider the interaction of three items: environment, social and economics. Ecology, Bremen, Germany, "The ocean" does not only encompass the open sea, but also the shelf and the coastal zone.

    Prominent topics are waves and currents, such as the Benguela current off Southwest Africa East Atlantic or the North Brazil current, deflecting the huge amounts of the Amazon efflux at the Northern Brazilian Atlantic coast West Atlantic northwards and connection the southern and northern Atlantic.