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From this issue, the chart was divided into the top fifty French recordings and the top fifteen foreign recordings. This meant that French and foreign recordings of the same song would now appear in separate charts.

As the emphasis was now on recordings rather than songs, for the most part joint placements were now a thing of the past though there were odd exceptions to this rule with different versions being ranked separately. However as the emphasis was on recordings rather than record releases, the different songs that appeared on one EP or album would continue to be listed separately, so a popular EP by a big star - Johnny Hallyday, for example - might occupy up to four places in the chart. So far, so logical. The split between French and foreign was, however, difficult to define.

Generally, it was based on language - if it was sung in French, it went into the French chart, even if the singer was British e. Sandie Shaw in , and if it was sung in English, it went into the foreign chart, even if the performer was French e. But this rule was never consistently applied, and sometimes English-language songs by French performers ended up in the French chart, as can be seen in this very chart, while French songs by foreign performers ended up in the foreign chart - in some cases, songs even shifted from one chart to the other between issues.

Instrumentals were also a problem, albeit one which was generally resolved by the nationality of the performer. So, for better or for worse, it was what it was and for most pop fans, despite it having no link whatsoever to record sales it continued to be based on listener requests and the votes of magazine readers , this was the chart which mattered at the time. This chart covered the month ending 15 July The position of the songs in the previous month, where relevant, is also noted in parentheses; on this occasion, the "previous month" position listed here will differ from that published in the magazine as I will refer to the broadcast chart for the previous month, rather than the previously published chart, as referenced in the magazine, which actually dated to two months previous.

French language chart 1. It was alao on the market in a version by Frank Alamo that was played on other shows but did not register with "Salut Les Copains". The original version of the new entry at 5 was "Black Cloud" by Chubby Checker. The new entry at 15 really should have been in the foreign chart, as it was sung in English and was written by Paul Anka, who donated it to Sylvie Vartan.

Presumably the fact that Vartan was a French singer albeit born in Bulgaria led to its inclusion in the French chart. Anka also later recorded it himself. The original version of the new entry at 16 was "One Fine Day" by The Chiffons, which was at 6 in the foreign chart below. The French version was also recorded by Harold Nicholas. Les Gam's used an apostrophe in their name to appear more "English"; the fact that the apostrophe was meaningless did not, apparently, matter. They were the leading French girl group of the period. This was the third and last time that Sylvie Vartan's repertoire overlapped with that of The Beatles, whose version went onto their debut album; in this case, it was The Beatles who cut the song first.

Mitchell was still the frontman for Les Chaussettes Noires, but solo releases were starting to come thick and fast. This is the first Beatles song to show up in the chart in "Salut Les Copains".

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The Beatles' own version was also proving popular, although not popular enough to make the chart. The original version of the new entry at 30 was "Killer Joe" by The Rocky Fellers, which was at 2 in the foreign chart below. The original version of the new entry at 47 was "New Orleans" by Biily Duke and not the more famous song of the same name by U.

Foreign language chart 1. Neither charted. It was also given a raucous makeover by Rocky Roberts and the Airedales. Coming up: Issue 14 Cato. Issue August This chart continued the format established in the previous issue and covered the month ending 15 August Kramer with the Dakotas.

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Blondo may have picked it up from either source. Counting Sylvie Vartan's version of "Twist And Shout", there were now three songs from The Beatles' first album on the French-language chart, although the band themselves had not yet made the foreign listings. The original version of the new entry at 24 was "Foot Tapper" by The Shadows. This release marked Mitchell's decision to quit Les Chaussettes Noires and fully embark upon a solo career. The group chose not to recruit new singer and reinvented themselves as a self-contained outfit.

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The original version of the new entry at 46 was "Wildwood Days" by Bobby Rydell. Cliff's arrangement would be adapted into French as "Sans amour" and recorded by Ria Bartok, but it didn't chart in "Salut Les Copains".

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It didn't chart. Neither version charted.

Pronounce like a French = garçon

Coming up: Issue 15 Cato. Issue September This chart covered the month ending 15 September Once again, where the song was adapted from an international hit, I have listed the original title in parentheses. Despite retaining the same title, Eddy Mitchell's version was sung in French. The original version of the new entry at 40 was "Shy Girl" by The Cascades. A number of other performers, notably Eddy Mitchell and Richard Anthony, wrote their own lyrics for at least some of their adaptations too.

The French pop music scene of the time was more creative than is often thought. NEW "Se mi vuoi lasciare" - Michele 6. Michele's big Italian hit "Se mi vuoi lasciare" new at 5 would be adapted into French and recorded by Dick Rivers as "Maintenant, tu veux partir". It didn't chart, although it sold well as part of a EP containing a song which charted very well.

There would be a few more to come over the next seven years Coming up: Issue 16 Cato. The original version of the new entry at 19 was "Maybe Baby" by The Crickets. Debout would also record it himself for release later in the year but his version did not chart. NEW "Cuore" "Heart! It had earlier been adapted into French as "Ma p'tite amie est vache", the first hit by Les Chats Sauvages. Coming up: Issue 17 Cato. The sleeve has a little retouch in front, the back is clean, and the vinyl is in great shape! Very rare album! One of the most freaky female psych album, monster Fuzz sound and weardo effects, very difficult to get as the French press!

Fantastic Female soul single double siders, very hard to get as the French issue!! French picture sleeve in great condition! Last update : July 31, Cheapos singles section. Dona Alice French early 70s Pop-sike trippy 7". Dubois Rosalie Rives Gauches femme chanson pop. Dufresne Diane French Quebec female funk pop-sike. Duke Doris Female Heavy funk psych - French sleeve.

7.B. Notes

Single on French Sonopress Female Funk rock single double siders, incl some Hendrix like guitar links. Edith Nylon French female electro Punk. Edith Nylon French Female Punk single. Emissao M Brazil tropical female vocal Pop-Sike single. Monsieur Cirque at Palait Maillot.