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The ABC's of Happy has got you covered -- where happiness is practiced one letter at a time. This set of cards is a great beginner's guide to mindfulness using .
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Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future B e present. Be bold. C reate something exciting. D rink plenty of water. E xercise daily. Eat fresh foods. F eel your emotions. Face fear. G o outside and observe nature. H ug often. Help others.

I gnite your passions. J ump through your comfort zone.

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K iss passionately. Keep looking forward. L augh. Learn to let go. M editate daily. You see the dog, but by the time you get someone's attention to look, it has faded. They are constantly shifting and hard to capture. So it is with intimacy. Now you have it, and now you don't.

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Intimacy is based on self-disclosure. That is why it is often easier to talk to a stranger than to your mate.

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After a few years in marriage, mates often feel there is nothing left to share. To counteract this, mates must be sharing new feelings, new Howard and Charlotte Clinebell in their book, The Intimate Marriage say, quot;Intimacy is not so much a matter of what or how much is shared as it is the degree of mutual need-satisfaction within the relationship.

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The food that nourishes all three is the honest sharing of your own inner being. Wives tend to need this more than husbands. Men like intimacy but women love it and this is a major difference in the sexes. Women are more personal and that is why they do not enjoy sports as much. They see it as hard to develop a close relationship in the ring or on the football field. Men tend to think of intimacy as sex, but wives tend to think of it as all the talking and affection that prepares them to enjoy sex.

The wise couple seeks to meet each other's need for intimacy, and because this can mean two different things, each has to try and think like the other, and not just focus on what intimacy is to them. Switching roles can help make you more conscious of the other's perspective, and it can add some spice to your love life. It is possible to develop the paralysis of analysis, and study problems until you are sick of the whole thing and give up in total frustration. You might love the game of ping pong, but be driven batty by a lecture on the aerodynamics of the balls and the components that go into making the table.

You may love watching television, but be bored out of The point is, you can get sick and tired of studying all the authorities telling you how to make your marriage better. Their lists of things to do for this problem and that one can get to be overwhelming, and you get frustrated and give up, for it seems so hopeless. The poem of Walt Whitman about listening to the astronomers is appropriate here.

A = Accountability

He says he listened to all their proofs and figures, and looked at all their charts and diagrams until he became sick and tired of them. He got up and wandered out into the night-air and looked up in silence at the stars. The bottom line is, there are positive and beautiful experiences in life that we need to just go to directly and enjoy. We do not need to understand all the technical facts about the experience or why, when, where, or how.

We just need the experience. So in marriage, you do not need to know everything about love to experience it.

B = Budgeting

Sometimes you just need to go ahead and enjoy the experience of love with each other and not try to figure out how to capture it in an intellectual formula. We need to just use common sense and do what is obvious. The poet said, Amid the cares of married life, In spite of toil and business strife, If you value your sweet wife, Tell her so! Prove to her you don't forget The bond to which your seal is set; She's of life's sweet the sweetest yet-- Tell her so! Don't act as if she'd passed her prime, As though to please her was a crime-- If e'er you loved her, now's the time: Tell her so!

Never let her heart grow cold-- Richer beauties will unfold; She is worth her weight in gold: Tell her so!

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In Deut. For one year he is to be free to stay at home and bring happiness to the wife he has married.

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  • This pattern once established would be a part of their lives forever. The point is, God's will is that the focus of marriage be, not the nation, not the community, not the economy, but each other. Get that right and then incorporate the other aspects of life. We go the other way, and try and get all else right, and then focus on the relationship. It is because we tend to put everything ahead of romance and intimacy that we have such a high divorce rate.

    Both mates contribute to the loss of romance and intimacy. But the husband, as leader of the house, bears the responsibility to restore the romantic relationship. He is to begin to treat his wife with the attention she needs to get motivated to please him. He is to love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her.

    Jesus was the initiator, not the church. We love Him because He first loved us. Husbands leading the way is the biggest need in our culture. Fritz goes so far as to say, quot;You can search the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you will find no statement where God has commanded or demanded that a woman love her husband with an agape love. It's always turned around-quot;Husbands, love your wives. If the water of love is put into her she will automatically respond with love, she does not have to be commanded to do so.

    This is innate in the feminine structure. In general, romance is more important to women than men. Studies show that the absence of romance is high on the list as a source of depression in women. Men rate it near last place.