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Who has lifted from me my pallid coercion? In his masterpiece, Wagner synthesised stories from across the Old Norse-Icelandic collection of poems known as the Poetic Edda. He had long been mulling over an opera based on the German epic, Das Nibelungenlied , but he realised that he needed more material and more inspiration. Siegfried takes up the Edda once again with the troubled relationship of the young hero and Mime Regin in Norse , the dragon fight, and the meeting with the valkyrie.

In the Edda , Sigurd learns wisdom from the valkyrie: how to use runic magic for healing and protection, to ensure a calm sea, and to make fetters fall from the feet. The deliriously joyful union of hero and valkyrie is lost in a gap in the manuscript. The two queens quarrel and Gudrun flaunts her knowledge of the truth: it was Sigurd who crossed the flame-wall to claim Brynhild for Gunnar. The world ends in fire as the waters rise and the Rhine overflows. More than any other artist before or since, Wagner saw to the heart of eddic themes, saw the inevitable compromises and double-dealing that divinity must make to accommodate desire and law.

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Colonel Klink: [listening from his office] Amazing! Would you believe this is their first rehearsal? Fraulein Hilda: They must be trained musicians. Klink: These prisoners play Wagner like Germans!

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I love the smell of pesticide in the morning. Smells like Mulder: Wagner? Doggett: What do you want? Mulder: I take it back. It's perfect. Professional Wrestling.

Now he uses an even more kickass rock remix. Bryan's protege, Sara Del Rey , used the music at well—reportedly because Bryan suggested it. Apparently, he always thought it would be a great theme for a wrestler.

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Yoshiaki Fujiwara was using this before the both of them, mostly as a tribute to his master Karl Gotch. In Idiot's Delight Harry plays "Ride of the Valkyries" on the piano as French planes start dropping bombs around the hotel. Video Games. Return Fire, a video game on the 3D0 and PlayStation , played this when the player was flying a helicopter. In StarCraft the Siege Tank driver will hum a few bars of it if you click on the unit enough. Hammer in Heroes of the Storm does the same thing if you own her and idle on her shop page.

Unsurprisingly , this is one of the songs that can be heard on the Classical station in Sim Copter.

Opera North bring Wagner's epic Ring Cycle to the screen | The Space

And, of course, two of the Parodius games. In Nintendogs , this plays when you use the toy helicopter. Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix has this song play for a brief time during the Helicopter Extraction level in Colombia, until a shot aimed at the chopper manages to destroy the pilot's boombox. II uses a different score altogether.

Parts of it remain in other parts of II 's soundtrack though.

In Full Throttle a version of this plays whenever a box of bunnies is unleashed, a hilarious mashup of orchestral and cheap synth. While not quite a video game, version 3 of After Dark featured its iconic Flying Toasters screen saver as usual. It also featured two songs that could be played with said toasters. One was a theme Berkeley Systems came up with, the other was "Ride of the Valkyries".

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Both songs could be subtitled if need be. The subtitles for "Ride of the Valkyries" read roughly the same as the page quote for this trope. In the What If? In Just Cause 2 , cause enough damage in a helicopter, and the character will start humming this. In Far Cry 3 , the song first gets played on a record by the villain Hoyt, who comments on his personal taste in European music shortly after casually blowing up a boat full of hostages from his office.

The second time it plays in the background when Jason and Riley escape an airfield via helicopter. An arcade game from the early s by Midway called Satans Hollow used this as the game start jingle. In Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? In fact, there are two versions of "Ride of the Valkyries", a straight orchestral version and an electric guitar version. In G-Senjou no Maou , the main character's sister, who is a figure skater, uses this music as background to her freestyle performance.

The theme is also used as background music while the main character is planning his undying vengeance over a classmate who accidentally damaged one of his classical music CDs appropriately, it was a performance of Wagner.

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The launch can be a success Fallout 4 has it on the Classical Radio station. Duke Nukem Forever plays an awesome rock remix when Duke takes a mounted machine-gun turret on the flight to The Mighty Foot. The reference to Apocalypse Now is fitting given Duke is a parody of 80s action heroes. Covert Operations even shipped a version of it, however it went unused. Unofficial patches enabled it ofcourse.

One of the songs you can play on the "radio" in Battlefield: Vietnam. Best used in a Huey for maximum effect. Part of the song is used as Von Kaiser's intro music in Punch-Out!! The orchestra played splendidly. Immediacy was provided by trumpets placed in one of the side boxes and blazing brilliantly.

The backstage orchestra, with those same trumpets doing double duty, provided grandeur to the pageantry, as did the luxury of an actual pipe organ. It is a phrase that I always have trouble translating into English from German. Somehow, delighted or thrilled does not quite capture its meaning, but I knew exactly what she meant.

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Rick Perdian Seen and Heard International. Judith von Sternburg Frankfurter Rundschau. Bernd Stopka Online Musik Magazine. The way he arouses excitement which spurs ecstasy, without deafening your ears and without straining the singers, by carefully shaping the phrases around climatic moments — that is great art. Uwe Friedrich Deutschlandradio, Kassel.

He seems to challenge the orchestra to do things that they might not otherwise attempt, and gets absolutely inspired results.

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